from the unique nature of
Mount Ida

Kaz Mountains (it's mythological name is called Mount Ida), which is the region that produces the most oxygen in the world after the Alps, is floristically located between two provences. Thanks to being the intersection point of different floristic regions, it is home to extremely unique and diverse plants.


There are 1000 plant taxa, 10% of which are endemic, spread throughout the mountainous mass from the coastline to the summit. Due to its climate and rare flora, it is a region that attracts the attention of all countries of the world and is agreed to be protected.

Why is honey produced Ida Mount so valuable?


Dark Honey and pollen, which includes Chestnut, Oak, Linden, Juniper and various endemic plants specific to the region, are very rare and valuable varieties that can only be produced in limited quantities in Mount Ida, even in certain regions.


Proline, known as an indicator of purity and quality in honey and has a standard value of 300 mg/kg according to the Honey Communique, is over 1000 mg/kg in our TROAS dark honey. Similarly, in terms of total phenol content, it has reached a record level of 1,195.8 mg GAE/kg! With this value, we are very proud to have approached honeys such as Anzer, Manuka and Tualang, which are considered the most precious honeys in the world. None of our bee products contain antibiotic residues, additives and preservatives.

Our unique dark honey is offered for consumption in its raw form without applying heat treatment and filtration. Therefore, high HMF, which is an indicator of heat treatment in pasteurized honey and is harmful to human health, is not found in our honey.

DARK SERIES: Dark Honey-Honeycomb-Pollen

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TROAS Dark Series varieties are special productions that are in the class of quality bee products with their unique and powerful ingredients and frequently preferred as a source of healing.


Thanks to the bioactive compounds it contains, such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, amino acids and proteins, which give Dark Series varieties their dark color and their antioxidant capacity are much higher than ordinary varieties.


You will feel the difference intense aroma at the first moment dark series you can start the consumption of honey with 1 teaspoon per day and pollen consumption with 2-4 teaspoons and increase the amount over time.

Why Limited Stock?

There are two reasons for this. First of all, we do not prefer methods such as collecting honey from different producers or blending different honeys. Therefore, our honey is limited to the production of our own bees.

Another reason is that we allocate some of the honey we produce to feed our own bees. We do not want to feed our bees with sugar or any artificial substance. For these reasons, we can only share a part of our production with you.