The family legacy of the sisters,

healing honey of Ida Mount!

We offer you the products of beekeeping, which has been a family tradition for generations in Troas region, as 3rd generation sisters, under the TROAS brand proudly. All of our bee products are seasonal harvests from our hives where we carry out the entire production process ourselves.

​We do not prefer methods such as collecting honey from different producers or mixing different honeys. We allocate some of the honey we produce to feed our bees. Therefore, our stocks are limited.


Our bee farm is located on the high northern slopes of the Kaz Mountains, away from settlement and agricultural areas. Our honey and pollen, which are free from all kinds of pollution and obtained from our own bees, are offered for consumption as they are taken from the hive.


Pasteurization is not applied; no additives and preservatives are added.

Our products, which we produce in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex Honey Communique, are analyzed in various university laboratories every year.