Honey Recipes: Güllaç


• 2 gullac leaves

• 2 glasses of milk

• 4 tablespoons of honey

• 1 small bowl of walnuts

• 1 small bowl of red berries

Lay the Güllaç leaves cut into several pieces (with the shiny side up) on the bottom of the container in layers. Wet the Güllaç leaves with the mixture you prepared by adding honey to warm milk. At this point, we recommend that the temperature of the milk be below 45°C because honey will lose its nutritional value when added to high-temperature mixtures. Sprinkle walnuts on the Güllaç leaves that you soaked in honey milk and repeat these steps on each layer until the leaves are gone. When you reach the top floor, complete the soaking process by using all the remaining honey-milk mixture. After resting in the refrigerator for 2 hours, you can serve it by decorating it with the fruits and walnuts of your choice.


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